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PD782 Portable


Built to the DMR standard the PD782/782G (PD782G is the GPS Model) has an ergonomical design, and is submersible with an IP57 rating. The PD782 features a large high definition transflective color display. This model of the Hytera DMR portable radio is usable on both digital and legacy analog radio systems. This radio also features : Versatile voice calls, a vibrator, and is already narrowband compliant.


Superior Voice
With the combined application of narrowband codec and digital error-correction technology, PD782 is capable of ensuring you superior voice with a wider coverage.

High Frequency Spectrum Efficiency
Benefiting from TDMA technology, PD782 allows twice the users to share the same channel. This is a big help to relieve the stress of increasing shortage in spectrum resource.

Durable Battery
Compared with an analog radio, PD782 can obtain an extra 40% operating time at the same output power

Dual Modes

PD782 can operate in either analog or digital mode. Accordingly, you can get rid of worries about its compatibility with the analog system that you are using, and just enjoy the benefits it brings

Versatile Services

In addition to conventional communication services, PD782 features rich digital services and optional functions such as Message,Man Down and Connection Alert.

Further Development Port
The reserved port in PD782 allows users or any third party to further develop other helpful functions.

Ergonomic Design
Compact body and light weight make PD782 easy to carry and operate.HD color TFD LCD screen and big push-buttons facilitate your access to various functions.The globally patented industrial design and antenna design can ensure convenient operation and remarkable GPS performance.

Reliable Quality
PD782 is strictly compliant with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F and IP57 standards, ensuring outstanding performance in harsh environments.

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