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Call Boxes

Call boxes provide crisp, clear, long range voice communication with your existing two-way radio network. They are used in a variety of industries as a way for customers, employees, or visitors to communicate with your onsite personnel, central office, or security staff. Place a compact and durable 2-way radio callbox virtually anywhere to maximize manpower efficiency, improve safety, and decrease response times.


Accomplish More With Your 2-Way
Radio System

Deploys easily – no wires, no trenching, no construction required. Battery powered for stand-alone operation, or use external AC power adapter for always-on operation.

Wireless, 2-Way, Push-To-Talk Clear, Crisp

No Costly Trenching or Construction Costs

Recordable Voice Messages

And Many More!

High Quality Communication to an
Existing Radio Remote Location

Callboxes all use radio frequency technology, therefore have the advantage of being wireless, which allows for much more flexibility with installation and location.


Available in Analog, NXDN™
Digital, and DMR Digital

Call Boxes

Put DMR digital wireless communication right where you need it! Position the compact and durable DMR Series 2-way radio callbox virtually anywhere to maximize manpower efficiency, improve safety and service response times. Deploys easily – no wires, no trenching, no construction required. Can be used stand-alone using alkaline batteries or can be powered using external AC adapter.

XT Series
Call Boxes

Crisp, clear, long range voice communication allows staff and visitors to communicate with your NXDN Digital radio-equipped personnel from points near and far . . . on the plant floor, in the maintenance garage, at the gated entrance, the delivery dock or from the 9th Tee. Accomplish more with your 2-way radio system!


Keep gated areas secure, without compromising your ability to communicate long range. Rugged, industrial-grade system enables long-range [measured in miles-not feet] wireless 2-way voice communication, while also providing remote access control of gates or mag lock activated doors.Easy to install, no trenching required, and cost-effective!


Get your message to everyone from the maintenance building to the rail-yard to other pinpoint locations using your existing 2-way radios. Position as many independent wireless receiver and PA speakers as needed, anywhere you need them. The LoudMouth Wireless PA system is a cost-effective replacement for worn out hard-wired PA systems and eliminates cost to re-wire an entire facility.

Provides Long Range
Point-to-Point Communication

When adding a callbox, you’ll have the freedom to put wireless communication right where you need it. Our callboxes require no trenching or wires.

Where Can You Use a Call Box?

Our call boxes are versatile! Back Doors, Schools, Daycare, Manufacturing Facilities, Construction Sites, Health Care Facilities, Factory Floor, Golf Courses, Secured Areas, Delivery Docks, Resorts, Amusement Parks, Warehouse, Parking Garage, Hoist Intercom, Walking Trail, College Campus, Churches, Gates, and More!


Curbside Pickup

Businesses changing their operating mocel to curbsite pickup need communication solutions now. Advise them to place a compact and durable 2-way radio callbox at a designated parking area, or mounted at the front of the door. With Portable radios or a fixed-location desktop base station

Cost-Effective Addition and
Improved ROI to Networks

You’ve already invested in a radio system. Adding a compatible callbox leverages your existing investment.


GATEGUARD® Wireless Access
Control System

The GateGuard system is a package of pre-programmed radios designed to provide an out-of-the-box solution for 2-way voice communication and remote gate activation. Industrial-grade, long-range (miles, not feet), wireless 2-way voice intercom system also allows for remote gate control from portables or base stations.

Ritron Q-Series

The JBS Series desktop base radio, mounted on a desk or a wall, provides a fixed communication point and remote gate control.

Ritron DMR Series

JMX Series portable radios allow personnel to communicate with visitors as well as remotely control the gate from anywhere in the facility.

Ritron XD Series

The XT Series Radio Callbox mounts at the gate to provide wireless communication and direct connection to gate control.


The GateGuard Package

Our GateGuard Package is built for commercial and industrial applications like treatment plants, factories, warehousing, schools, and healthcare facilities with thousands currently in service. Also for gated communities, private residences, country clubs, farms, and more. Designed and manufactured in the USA.

Bundled System Of Pre-programmed Radios Provides Out-of-the-box Wireless Access Control Solution

Long-range Communication (Up to 2 Miles Line-of-sight) From Gate to Radio-equipped Personnel

And Many More!

GateGuard Wireless Access
Control System

Keep gated areas secure, without compromising your ability to communicate long range. The GateGuard package includes: an XT radio callbox model 6 or 7, JMX portable radio, and JBS desktop base radio. Designed and Made in the USA.

Where Can You Use The LoudMouth®?

Schools, Hotels, Factories, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Airports, Marinas, Country Clubs, Warehouses, Lumber Yards, Salvage Yards, Boat Yards, Rental Yards, Parking Lots, Construction Sites, Amusement Parks, Golf Courses, Special Events, Sporting Events, Shooting Range, and More!


Solutions for Golf Courses

Ritron has supplied the golf course industry for years with repeaters and two-way radios used for irrigation control. Check out these additional solutions where two-way radio communication is beneficial on the golf course. Long range, cost effective radio solutions from Ritron work with an existing radio network.

Problems? We've Got Them Solved.

These problems may lead to decreased revenues, poor customer service, and dissatisfied patrons. We have solutions! See below.


Gaps Between Foursomes; Slow Pace of Play; Backlog at the 10th Tee; Long Wait Times for Food & Beverage

Place a Wireless Call Box at the 9th tee for players to place food and beverage orders for pickup at the turn. This increases revenue, speeds play, satisfies players, and decreases wait times at the concessions counter. No trenching, easy to install, and vandal resistant


Unattended bag drop, concession, or locker room leads to slowdowns, poor customer service, and dissatisfied patrons.

Placing a Quick Assist Call Button at the bag drop, in the locker room, and wherever customer assistance is needed sends a predetermined radio voice message to summon the appropriate staff member to provide immediate attention.


Slowdown in the rate of play due to players not reporting to the starter on time; players not aware of incoming dangerous weather; disorganized tournament play groups.

Equip various areas of the golf course (driving range, practice greens, waiting areas) with the Loudmouth Wireless PA system to call players to the first tee, communicate with groups, weather updates, or general announcements.


Emergency medical condition on the course.

Wireless Callboxes placed strategically throughout the golf course grounds give peace of mind to players to report emergencies back to the clubhouse or Course Ranger. Our radio callboxes offer long-range communication cost effectively. 

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