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Cellular Boosters

Cellular Booster Sales and Service


Are you having trouble with cellular signals within your building?  We can help!  Metro Mobile sells and installs a full range of cellular boosters for residential, industrial, and automotive applications.


Metro Mobile services include:

  • Pre-sales and site survey information to determine which booster model is right for your situation and if it will work in your area and building
  • Proffessional installation of antenna, booster, and wiring
  • Calibration of your booster for optimal performance once installed

What a booster can do:

  • Buildings contructed of metal or concrete can often block or degrade signals from nearby cellular towers, making service unreliable indoors.  A cellular booster can help increase signals that are unable to penetrate the roofing and wall structures, bringing them indoors.
  • Helps increase battery life in your device as the stronger signal will reduce the amount of battery drain trying to reconnect to poor signals
  • Help prevent drop outs and service issues in certain problem areas of a building
Cellular Phone Booster
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What a booster cannot do:

  • Cellular boosters only work properly in areas with good outdoor reception from the cellular tower, ideally within line of site.  They can only move the signal from the location where the antenna is installed, to another area within the building.  In areas with poor reception, the outdoor antenna may need to be extended to a higher elevation, such as a pole, or may not work if it is outside of the cell tower service area.  Unfortunately a cellular booster can only enhance signal that is there.  If the outdoor antenna is unable to pick up a signal, it will not be able to boost it.
Cellular Booster Sales and Service


The HiBoost home 10k is one of the latest and greatest boosters from HiBoost, marrying state of the art engineering with quality and longevity. HiBoost’s home 10k’s advanced amplification technology boosts signal for up to 150 mobile device users and covers up to 10,000 square feet. Clear calls, faster downloads, and boosted bars.

Cellular Booster Sales and Service


Boosts Talk, Text, and 4G Data

For Building (up to 10,000 sq ft)

Up to +70 dB Gain

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