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DMR Digital Radio

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is an open digital radio standard produced by the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI). Being capable of voice, data and a range of other features and applications in conventional and trunking mode, DMR has received global recognitions.

As a premium member of DMR Association, Hytera has mastered this technology. All our DMR products fully meet ETSI DMR requirements and feature innovative applications.  

Advantages of DMR:

  • Longer battery life
  • Higher spectrum efficiency, doubling channel capacity with existing analog technology
  • Superior audio performance
  • Flexible voice and data applications


Introduction to DMR Radio by Hytera

More About DMR Radio by Hytera

Hytera DMR Tier III Trunking, developed from the ETSI DMR open standard, is an IP based Digital Trunked Platform specifically designed to provide mission critical voice, data, dispatching and management capacity across wide geographical areas. With anall-IP architecture and centralized networking, the solution utilizes infrastructure with modular design of system components in order to deliver high spectrum efficiency, fast access, advanced Security, wide coverage, flexible networking, affordable infrastructure and low maintenance costs. Because of it’s strong scalability,

Hytera DMR III solutions support networks of different topologies, including regional networks such as single-site network, or multiple-site nationwide networks.

Hytera DMR trunking lite is a digital trunking system, which is developed from ETSI open standard and focuses on transportation, energy resource, public utilities, enterprise & business, etc.. The system is based on the RD982i-S transceiver and supports multi-mode operation and smooth migration, in order to provide professional users more choices.

DMR Trunking Lite transceiver supports a smooth migration from conventional to trunking and from analog to digital. Multi-modes provide you different choices for continued benefits.

The dispatching system is composed of modules such as dispatch server, dispatch clients. As a part of the Hytera DMR Trunking, the dispatching system provides basic voice services such as individual calls and group calls. By maximizing the benefits of digital trunking and incorporating data services (SMS, status message, and GPS data) with voice dispatching capability, the system enables the Hytera DMR Trunking Tier III to deliver enhanced dispatching capabilities for professional users in public security, public utility and enterprise & business.


  • Voice Call
      Supports versatile voice calls, including individual call, group call, broadcast call, PSTN call, PABX call and all call. Support group call late-entry and emergency call. Detailed call history to record call parties. Various indicating sound & light.
  • Text Message
      Supports predefined text message, status message, text messaging group sending; message template and emergency messaging.
  • External Call
      Supports calls between dispatchers.
  • Advanced Function
      Supports DGNA, automatic voice recording, monitor, AVL.
  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
      GIS map load & display. Terminal location tracking & display. Track playback. Geo-fencing.
  • Encryption
      End-to-end encryption is supported to ensure the transmission of secure voice and data.
  • External Tools
      The system supports external tools like multi-touch touch screen, foot-tap PTT, and microphone with PTT.

AVL Console Interface

DMR Radio by Hyter

Dispatch Console Interface

DMR Radio by Hyter
DMR Radio by Hyter
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