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We carry a full line of CB accessories for both commercial and private vehicles.  

We can install your new CB radio in our shop, or at your location!  Contact us for more information and pricing.

Replacement Microphones

Uniden - BC645

  • 4 Pin Connector
  • Electret Condenser Mic
  • Compatible with; Uniden Pro505XL, Pro510XL, Pro 520XL, Pro538XL, Cobra 19DXIV
  • 8 foot cable
  • 1000 ohm

Uniden - BC645M

  • 4 Pin Connector
  • Dynamic Condenser Mic
  • Compatible with; Uniden Bearcat and most Cobra LT series radios
  • 8 foot cable
  • 1000 ohm

Uniden - BMKG0689001

  • 4 Pin Connector
  • Replacement for BearCat 880, PC787, PC78XL+

Cobra - M73

  • 4 Pin Connector
  • Dynamic Microphone
  • Compatible with Cobra 18WXSTII, 19DXIV, 25LTD series, 25NWST, 25WXNWST, 29LTD Series, 148GTL, 148NWST
  • 9 foot cable
  • 600 ohm

Cobra - M75 Power Microphone

  • 4 Pin Connector
  • Amplified Power Mic with Volume Control
  • 9 foot cable
  • Fits all 4 pin Cobra radios, and most other radios with 4 pin connectors
  • 5000 ohm
  • Requires 9 volt battery

Workman - CBEM50 Super Star Mic

  • Fits 5 pin Midland Din style radios



We carry select Tram, Larson, FireStik, and Everhardt CB antennas.  Fiberglass, and whip styles available

Quick release option.

Springs for added durability.

Magnetic mounts available.

Antenna Mounting Kits

Mirror and fender style antenna mounts in stock for most popular truck models.

Signal Stength Metres

Opek SWR Metre


6' Coax cable with PL259 connector for use with Signal Metre
18' Coax cable with PL259 conncetor



Choosing the right CB Antenna

The antenna is the most critical part of your CB radio system.  The best radio will still operate poorly if the wrong antenna or bad wiring is present.

Mounting Location

Antennas can be mounted in a number of different places.  For most large vehicles, mounting the antenna on the roof visor or mirror bracket is the ideal location.  

  • For optimal performance, 2/3 of the antenna should be above the roof line, the higher up the antenna the better
  • Proper grounding is critical for the antenna to function correctly, and should be grounded to the vehicle chassis.  Vehicles primarily constructed of fiberglass (Motorhomes, Trailers, and some transport trucks) should be using a No Ground Plane antenna system.
  • Dual antenna systems are ideal for long haul truckers and highway use for enhanced range towards the front and back of the vehicle.

Antenna Length

Longer CB antennas work better than short antennas, so choosing the longest antenna suitable for your vehicle will give you the best range and signal.  Be aware of the height of your antenna, and be mindful of drive throughs, parking garages, trees and overhead power lines.

Types of Antennas

Top-Loaded fiberglass

 Fiberglass antennas, ideal for Transport Trucks, Pickups, and personal vehicles where an easy mounting solution and low cost is needed.

  • Everhardt
  • Tram
  • Firestick

 Base-Loaded Antennas

 NMO base mount antennas, recommended for roof mount, or transport trucks where the antenna is located above the roof line of the vehicle.

  • Tram
  • Pulse / Larson

 Center-Loaded Antennas

Suitable for transport trucks, where thicker coils are needed for higher power transmissions.  Also great for HF Amateur Radio.

  • Browning BR-88
  • Tram Big Cat

No Groud Plane

Sold in kits with wiring and dual antenna, these antenna systems are ideal for RV's, Motorohomes, and fiberglass cab transport trucks that lack a metal chassis.


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