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Metro Mobile Radio Inc. is a service-oriented Wireless Communications company with over 38 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Metro Mobile Radio Inc. has grown to be one of the largest communications companies in the Lower Mainland providing good quality products coupled with the most dedicated customer service.
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Keeping Your Field Teams
Connected to the Head Office

Whether you have a fleet of highway transport vehicles, Service Vehicles, Delivery vehicles, School buses , Security Vehicles and/ or people in the field, MMR has the Wireless solutions to keep your mobile workforce connected. MMR also offers Wide Area roaming solutions allowing operations managers to stay connected to their fleet no matter where they are, improving fleet management operations, optimizing logistics, increasing security, and streamlining operations. MMR offers portable and mobile 2-way radio, dispatch, video surveillance, and asset management systems. Also, MMR is a Geotab partner and reseller, providing state-of-the-art Fleet Telematics’ tracking, ELD solutions, and more. Our goal is to help you maximize efficiency and increase safety, while reducing errors and miscommunications that create inefficiencies and drive up costs

Increase Teamwork, Efficiency, and Safety

Metro Mobile Radio has worked with Federal Agencies such as RCMP and the military providing state of the art communications products enabling users to perform their duties under adverse conditions. Also, we have worked with first responders to provide adequate coverage within buildings that are under duress. This helps Public Safety professionals respond faster and more efficiently with 2 way-radios. We also provide special communication projects, that increase teamwork, efficiency, and safety.In addition to Federal government agencies, MMR has worked with Provincial & Municipal governments including schools and school buses, fire departments and works yards allowing efficient and economical communication between dispatch and their fleets of vehicles in order to keep staff safe, protect the public, environment, and coordinate staff. Our goal is to help you maximize efficiency and increase safety, while reducing errors and miscommunication that create inefficiencies that drive up costs.

Keeping Crews Connected
and Projects on Schedule

No Matter where you are in BC construction is always present. High Rise construction is all around us as well as various infrastructure projects such as Bridges Tunnels and Commercial buildings, and road building. Concrete companies as well as crane companies dot the landscape and are always in need of quick and efficient communications. Gravel Yards and construction plants are also in need of effective site communications. Whether communication is required for a heavy equipment operator, a foreman on a jobsite, a safety officer, a Manager from head office, Metro has the ability and the technology to keep your team together, with fast reliable and economical radio communications.


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