ELD and Best Fleet Tracking System

From Geotab, Fleethoster, to Switchboard, browse our high-quality options in best fleet tracking system.  Know where your equipment and vehicles are located at any time.

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Geotab Drive - All in One Driver Compliance

Geotab Drive is a robust fleet tracking system. Streamlines Hours of Service, Driver Vehicle Inspection Reproting and Driver Identification. The smart mobile app works with the Geotab GO telematics device to help you meet compliance regulations, keep your fleet productive, and drivers safe.

  • User-friendly dashbord app
  • Hours of Service reporting
  • Fleet fuel management
  • Reports and Analytics

Improve Safety and Productivity with Geotab's fleet Management solutions

Improve Safety on both sides of the wheel with a telematics system from Geotab. AI driven, open platform for safe, sustainable and cost-effective mobility.

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