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Metro Mobile Radio Inc.

Metro Mobile Radio is a wireless communications company with over 38 years of experience in Canada’s telecommunications industry. We have grown to be one of the largest communications companies in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia by providing excellent quality radios along with the most dedicated customer service for all our clients.

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Radio Services That Make a Difference

Whether you need clear communication during a crisis or want to improve employee productivity, portable radio devices will be an asset for your business.

Clear Communication for Better Productivity

Two-way radios increase work productivity with their ability to facilitate clear and continuous communication between employees. Utilize the latest radio technology with a Hytera two-radio, designed to improve safety and effective communication.

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Long Range Radios That Go the Distance

Our nationwide PoC network radios leverages the advantages of LTE networks which enables instant group calling, service dispatching and GPS location tracking. Get the most out of your communication system with a PoC radio packed full of added features.

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Give Your Fleet the Protection It Needs With GPS Tracking

Geotab offers robust tools to track your drivers and provide coaching tools to improve driver performance and monitor your fleet. Receive instant notifications of unsafe driving behaviour directly to your smart device.

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Increase Security With Call Boxes

Call boxes are invaluable during an emergency. It offers hands-free direct calling, decreasing response times. These boxes are made from durable materials able to withstand harsh weather and temperature changes.

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You want to increase the productivity of your business with two-way radios

But there's a problem...

  • You’re disappointed with product quality

    Our two-way radios are built to withstand the toughest of conditions. They can handle falls, temperature shocks, and are built to be weather-proof. We understand that you need a radio you can rely on.

  • There was no on-site installation or teaching

    We are a full-service company which means that we handle everything from jobsite installation to instruction so that you understand how to utilize our radio devices.

  • They’re not there for you when you need troubleshooting

    You can count on Metro Mobile Radio for when you need us the most or just have a quick question. We become an extension of your team and will continue to provide you with our outstanding customer service.


Worker speaking into a portable radio

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Worker speaking into a portable radio

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Metro Mobile Products

Our Best Selling Two-Way Radios

Hytera radios offer secure and reliable, private radio communication solutions. They have the most innovative and technologically advanced two-way radios on the market.

wireless communication solutions

Shop Affordable & Easy to Install Radios for Your Business

why clients choose metro

If you are looking for a way to improve your business communications with GPS, satellite or two-way radio, I highly recommend Metro Mobile Radio.”

Bryce Choquer

Choquer Creative

Metro-Mobile Office Hours

Monday-Friday 8am to 4pm

Our office is open by appointment-only.

20252 98 Ave Unit 2
Langley, BC V1M 3G1

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