Radio Repairs And Installation:  Complete Maintenance

We understand the significance of staying connected to accomplish the critical operations at your work.  Our skilled technicians carefully check and perform radio repairs that rekindle the power of seamless communication. Metro Mobile has two full size service bays, three remote service vehicles, and a full repair shop to help keep your communications system reliable and problem free.

Radio Installation and Service

Have your new system installed at our shop, or at your location. We are equipped with two installation bays for large size vehicles, and remote service vehicles for situations where the equipment cannot be brought to us.

Already have equipment from another location or vehicle? We can install that too!

Contact us to book a service or installation appointment.

  • On site installations
  • Installation at our shop
  • On site service calls and repairs
  • We can install your existing equipment

popular Mobile radios

Mobile radios can be used in vehicles, or indoors as a base station. We stock a variety of popular models to meet your communication needs.

communication system maintenance

You’ve already invested in a radio system. Keep your system reliable with annual radio repairs, inspections and maintenance service.

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