Two-way radios for Manufacturing industry

Two way radios for manufacturing industry are an essential tool for direct communication in operations. Regardless if you have a small or large operation, communication amongst your staff is vital for a safe efficient work environment.

Radios for Manufacturers and Warehouses

Metro Mobile offers radios for secure and reliable radio communication solutions. No matter what your industry, we have a radio that will meet the demands of your business.

Radios that work in your facility

Warehouses and production facilities can offer challenges when dealing with dead zones, metal structures, or machinery that can interfere with communications. Contact our sales team for a model that will work the best in your environment.

Digital Clarity

A digital radio partnered with a repeater system can give you crystal clear audio from anywhere in your facility, preventing dead zones and static interference from machinery.

  • Clear digital audio
  • Reliable radio devices

Enhanced safety features can ensure your workforce is safe. Emergency man down function can instantly call for help, or require a worker to interact with the radio at timed intervals to ensure safety.

  • Decrease accident response time
  • Increase work productivity
Construction worker holding POC radio

When privacy is a concern, a digital radio can encrypt transmitted communication so only your team is hearing the message. Prevent competitors or customers from intercepting your communications, and add the ability for calls to specific individuals or groups.

  • Group and Individual Calls
  • Maintain Confidentiality

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Improve Your Project’s Productivity With Two-Way Radios

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