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A two-way radio can be a vital tool in your organization for instant communication.  Modern radio systems can be used for a variety of purposes including location tracking, safety check ins, emergencies, text messaging, group calls, equipment control and more.

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Improve Workplace Productivity

Two-way radios increase work productivity with not only their ability to facilitate clear communication, but using the latest technology, can offer functions such as GPS tracking, equipment control, multiple group conversations, and safety options. We can design a two-way radio system specific to your business to improve safety and effective communication.

  • Instant communication
  • Safety features
  • Compact radios
  • Clear digital sound

Radio Communication Systems

We offer many models from some of the top two-way radio manufacturers including Hytera, Icom, Motorola, RCA and Tait. From basic analog trucker radios to advanced dispatch systems with tracking capabilities there is a model we carry for every purpose.

Radios Designed for the Job

Whether you need radios for the warehouse, first responders, or construction, our selection of two-way radios have industry-specific capabilities.

Why a two way radio is better than a cell phone

  • Service throughout emergencies - Cell service towers and landlines may stop working in an emergency or power failure. Radios will continue to work in these situations as they do not rely on the power grid or cell phone network to function. Workers can also all be contacted at once, instead of calling individual telephone numbers.
  • Lightweight resilience - Two way radios are designed to be light weight and durable. Phones often have fragile glass screens, and openings that can cause them to be easily damaged, and non replaceable batteries. Radios are typically built to military and IP specifications so they are less likely to break down in harsh environments, and batteries are removable so they can easily be switched out with another when depleted.
  • Expense - Two-way radios cost less than cell phones. Radio to radio systems require no monthly service charges, contracts, or calling minutes. Several workers can share one radio, cutting the expense of having a phone for every worker.
  • Voice Clarity and Durability - Unlike cellphones, two-way radios are designed for clear interaction in variable conditions. They often include functions that lower wind and background noise, and are resilient to vibrations, severe temperatures, and wet conditions.
  • Immediate Group Communication - Two Way radios feature PTT or Push To Talk interaction for instant communication to an unlimited number of other radio users. No dialing of phone numbers, opening lock screens or looking up contacts are required.

IP Ratings Guide

IP57, IP54...What do these all mean? View our IP ratings explanation chart to better understand these ratings and help you choose the radio that best suits your needs.

View Rating Chart

What is DMR?

DMR stands for Digital Mobile Radio, a standard for digital radio communication using the Motorola TRBO protocol. DMR allows for two channels of communication on one frequency simultaneously, digital privacy encryption, and data services such as GPS data and text messaging.

What is a repeater?

The function of a repeater is to provide communications between stations that can't otherwise communicatewith each other due to terrain, distance or equipment limitations. A repeater will allow your radio to communicate over longer distances and provide enhanced options.

Do I need a Licence?

All commercial band radios sold and in use in Canada require a license. CB, FRS, GMRS and some Business Band radios, do not require licensing if used within Canada. Contact us for more information if your equipment requires licensing or not.

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