battery Care and Safety

Radio batteries are designed to be safe and reliable, with proper care and operation. Following the below tips can ensure you are getting the most out of your radio battery and help extend its useful life.

Proper use of new batteries.
It is recommended to fully charge a new battery prior to use. New batteries are usually shipped and stored at only half of their rated capacity. Fully charging your battery before its first use will ensure that any electronics in the battery or device are calibrated to gauge battery life correctly and will allow you to use your new radio for the longest amount of time. Some radios will go into low power mode and not operate optimally if the battery is too low.

Power off the radio when charging.
When charging, your radios must be powered off. If the radios are left on while charging, the battery is still having current drawn, and will never fully charge and prevent the battery charger from being able to determine when the battery is full. Running the radio while charging for pro-longed periods of time can shorten the life of your battery and cause un-necessary wear and tear on the components in your charger.

Battery Storage.
Batteries should always be stored at 50% capacity if not being used for longer than a month. This will have the least drain on the battery as it is sitting dormant and prolong its useful storage life.  The battery should always be stored at room temperature. Extreme cold or hot temperatures will damage the chemical components and shorten battery life. When charging a battery that has been exposed to hot or cold temperatures, it should always be brought back to room temperature first.

When to replace a battery.
Most good quality batteries should last for approximately 1000 cycles, or about two to four years depending on how heavily they are used. Over time, a battery will slowly lose its capacity. Any rechargeable battery that is bulging, leaking, punctured misshaped, or has damaged or corroded terminals should not be used and be recycled properly. A damaged Lithium Ion or Polymer battery that has had its chemicals exposed to the air can easily catch fire! Caution should be taken when handling, and should only be stored in a non-metallic, non-flammable container (ideally ceramic or Pyrex glass). Never mail or courier a damaged or bulging battery.

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