Choosing A two-Way Radio that is right for you!

Metro Mobile Radio has a variety of different brands and models of two-way radio and communication equipment to suit every need. Every situation is different and our sales team can help you choose what sort of system that best suits the environment, price, and features that will make your communications effective.

What to Consider When Choosing a Radio

Licensed Or Unlicensed?

Unlicensed radios are commonly used by individuals or organizations where radio communication is infrequent, short range, and privacy is not a concern. Unlicensed radios are often less expensive than commercial radios, and do not require registration with the Canadian government. Types of unlicensed radios include GMRS, FRS, CB, POC, and business band spread spectrum radios. Some forms of these radios can be susceptible to interference from other parties as they use publicly open frequencies to operate.

Licensed (or commercial) radios are used where private and frequent communication is required without interference, or where advanced features are required. These radios require registration and license with the Canadian government to legally be operated, and are programmed with assigned specific frequencies or channels. Commercial radios are commonly used for communication with vehicle fleets, security companies, educational institutions, retail establishments, construction, BC resource roads, and commercial truck communications in Western Canada.

Digital or Analog?

Analog radios offer a less expensive and basic communication system, offering ease of use, natural voice tone, and compatibility with older existing equipment.

Digital radios offer advanced privacy, crystal clear voice clarity, enhanced features such as GPS, data, radio ID's, group and individual calls, and the ability to have more than one transmission at once on the same frequency. Radio signals can be encrypted for private communication, and offer options for connection to multiple remote sites,

Contact our sales team for assistance in choosing which system is best for you.

environment and location?

Where you are using your communications equipment is one of the biggest factors in choosing a model that is going to be up to the job. A radio that is designed to be used indoors, or in a clean environment may be less expensive, but will not stand up to harsh conditions such as construction sites, or an outdoor environment. Radios come in many different forms and sizes from small pocket sized handhelds for covert communications,  intrinsically safe, or rugged and durable call boxes, handhelds, or vehicle mounted units.

Location of where your equipment is being used and who you are communicating with is also a factor in deciding which frequency band your system will operate on, and what type of antennas, repeaters, and wiring is required for your building or terrain.

Our sales team can assess your needs and help you choose a system that will work best for you.

Popular Radio Models

Metro Mobile can supply you with a variety of different models and form factors that will suit your communication needs.

wireless communication solutions

Choosing the right communications solution can be difficult Metro mobile radio sales is here to help

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