POC Radio for Multi-site Communications

Push-to-talk Over Cellular radios are designed to be used over existing mobile or wi-fi communication networks instead of a single radio channel. As PoC radio operate over an internet connection, they are not restricted by distance and have a virtually unlimited range.

Advantages of POC Network Radio

Our PoC network radio leverage the advantages of LTE or available WiFi networks, enabling instant group calling, service dispatching and GPS location tracking. Don't forget social distancing when it comes to benefits of POC network. Get the most out of your communication system with a PoC radio packed full of added features.

  • Site to Site Communication
  • GPS tracking
  • No licenses required
  • Bluetooth connectivity

PoC Radio

Metro Mobile offers the most advanced PoC radio models from ICOM, and TalkPod with coverage anywhere there is a cellular or WiFi internet connection. With various radio models, we have a product that is right for you and your business.

Budget friendly communication

POC network radio can cost significantly less than a full radio repeater system. For businesses that want quick communication between sites, with expandability for the future, and a low up front cost, network radios are a great solution.

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