Short or Long Term  Radio Rentals in Vancouver

If you only need radios for a certain job or period of time, radio rentals often can be more cost effective than purchasing new equipment. Contact our sales team and we can discuss pricing and options that best suit your requirements.

Rental two Way radios

We offer our standard rental radios that are pre-programmed, or we can set them up to work with your existing company radios

  • Batteries and Chargers Included
  • Weekly or Monthly Rates
  • Programming Services
  • Digital or Analog Available

Rental Equipment in Vancouver

Basic Portable Radios
Advanced Portable Radios
Portable Radios Include Battery and Charger

Accessories Available

Speaker Mic
Spare Battery
Earpieces/Surveillance Kits Purchase Only

Mobile Radio
Includes Mic, Cig Lighter Adapter, Magnetic Mount Antenna

Base Station
Includes Radio, Mic, Power Supply, Magnetic Antenna

Additional programming charges may apply
Rental rates are subject to price change and availability

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