RCA RDR2550 Digital Radio



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The RCA PRODIGI™ Radio Series is compatible with all RCA two-way radios as well as all other major brands, including digital equipment, such as the Motorola MotoTrbo™ and Vertex eVerge™ series two-way radios and repeaters. 

The RDR25x0 series radios come in 2 different models:

  • RDR2500: standard, no display
  • RDR2550: upgraded, 6-character display, and 7 programmable function buttons

Operational in both digital and analog modes, the PRODIGI™ Series gives you the flexibility to upgrade to digital at your own speed, without sacrificing safety and keeping your business operations running smoothly during the transition period. 

The easy-to-use push-to-talk function and advanced emergency features make this device ideal for:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing 
  • Construction 
  • Security 
  • Hotels 
  • Schools 

Designed to connect your workforce efficiently, the RCA PRODIGI™ Radio Series delivers crystal clear, dependable communication

The device is equipped with 1 Watt of power audio and eliminates background noise and static from voice transmissions. This allows your employees to connect, collaborate and coordinate in real-time to get their job done safely and more efficiently.

Designed to be power efficient, battery power consumption is lowered to 40% in digital mode – providing 14 hours of operation in digital mode and 10 hours of operation in Analog mode. This ensures your employees stay connected beyond a full working shift.

A full list of features is provided below:

  • Simple and Reliable Communications
  • Cross Brand Compatibility. Works with Motorola MotoTrbo and Vertex eVerge series radios and repeaters
  • Upgrade to Digital at your own speed
  • Reliability Safety and Productivity First
  • Long Battery Life Up to 10 hours analog, and 14 hours digital
  • IP54 rated: Protected in all directions from dust and water spray
  • Industry-leading warranty: hassle-free 2 Year Warranty.

ISED License required