Ritron DMR Series Callbox



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The Ritron DMR series call box provides crisp clear long range voice communication with your existing digital radio network, and is compatible with radios from manufacturers such as Hytera, Motorola, and RCA. Units can be hardwired to a power supply, or be battery operated for stand alone operation.

Digital Signaling: 64 RAN Codes (NXDN), 16 ColorCodes (DMR), Subscriber Unit ID (SUID), DestinationID (Individual & Group Selective Call, All-Call).

Battery Life: 6,000 transmissions.

Built-in Remote Control Relay (some models):Remotely control gates, doors or strobe light.

Aux Sensor Monitoring Input: Optional sensors used to detect motion, gate movement, vandal/tamper or vehicle presence can be connected to the call box using the sensor input. Sensor input responds to an Open or Closed switch.

Dimensions: XT Series - 11.5"H x 9.5"W x 4.0"DQ, DMR, XD Series - 7”H x 5”W x 3”D