The Benefits of Noise Cancelling Headsets for the Foresting Industry

Maintain constant communication with your employees, creating a safer and more productive work environment, whilst mitigating the potential damage to their hearing.

If you work in the forestry industry, you already know that ear protection is vital to block out ear-drum damaging noise. But you still need to be able to communicate effectively with your team, often using portable radios to do so. Well did you know that you can incorporate noise cancelling headsets as an accessory to your PoC radio setup? 

Headsets protect your ears against loud drilling, hammering or saws whilst working. Having headsets also equipped with noise cancelling technology makes it easier to hear your fellow workers. You can also use noise cancelling headsets that have bluetooth capability, removing the need for cables, wires, and eliminating dangling pieces hanging from your ears which means there is less of a chance to catch them or get them tangled with equipment. 

In a study conducted in 2014 in Brazil, they discovered that forestry workers who were regularly exposed to higher levels of noise in forestry activities had issues with tinnitus and general hearing loss. The team at Metro Mobile are specialists in wireless communication solutions and offer a wide range of headsets that also offer hearing protection for those in the forestry industry. 

Maintain constant communication with your employees, creating a safer and more productive work environment, whilst mitigating the potential damage to their hearing. In this article, we dive into the importance of hearing protection in the forestry industry, what exactly is noise cancelling, and how to choose the right radio for your workers. 

The importance of hearing protection in the forestry industry 

According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, in most jurisdictions there is an occupational exposure limit of 85 decibels (A-weighted or dBA). Hearing protection will help reduce the noise exposure level and therefore the risk of hearing loss when it is worn correctly. 

The forestry industry is a loud one, and without hearing protection you can irreversibly damage your hearing. Being proactive and getting your team fitted with noise cancelling headsets is a must, not only to protect their hearing, but so they can continue to maintain clear and effective communication on the job. 

What is noise cancelling? 

Headsets that protect your hearing while working in the forestry industry can also be equipped with noise cancelling technology. Noise-cancelling headphones are headphones that reduce unwanted ambient sounds using active noise control. This is distinct from passive headphones which, if they reduce ambient sounds at all, use techniques such as soundproofing.

To cancel the lower-frequency portions of the noise, noise-cancelling headphones use active noise control or ANC. A microphone captures the targeted ambient sounds, and a small amplifier generates sound waves that are exactly out of phase with the undesired sounds. When the sound pressure of the noise wave is high, the cancelling wave is low (and vice versa). The opposite sound waves collide and are eliminated or "cancelled". 

Choosing the right radio for your business 

As we mentioned earlier, hearing protection is only effective when worn properly. The effectiveness of hearing protection is greatly reduced if the headset does not fit properly, not worn correctly, only worn periodically, or not worn at all. 

Our expert team at Metro Mobile can help fit your employees with the proper noise cancelling headset so they can continue maintaining communication whilst protecting their hearing. We can also set your business up with radio devices. 

Workers in the forestry industry rely on two-way radios when they are out in remote areas, but the industry also utilizes radios in their plants and operations sector. This industry requires radios with long-range capability as they can operate in remote regions where digital wireless technology systems are not available.