5 Industries in Canada that Rely on Two Way Radios

Discover 5 Canadian industries relying on two-way radios for seamless communication and operations. Explore now!

Many of our industries in Canada require effective and efficient communication solutions. That’s where our two way radios come into play. Radios offer faster and better quality communication than other communication devices. 

They are used to increase workplace productivity, safety and security, and are built to withstand working conditions. A popular choice for radio is the Hytera two-way radio

What is a Two-way Radio?

A two-way radio is a communication device that can transmit and receive radio waves over a single radio channel. These radios are used for person-to-person communication as they can send and receive audio messages in real-time. 

This type of radio is utilized in many industries, but the experts at Metro Mobile Radio have curated a list of the top 5 industries that utilize two-way radios in Canada. 

1. Security 

Security staff operate within many different industries in Canada and their job is to ensure the security of the premises and/or personnel of a property. They may be monitoring equipment, buildings, or people, and their duty is to prevent any losses or damage. Security personnel depend on two-way radios because, without them, their job would be incredibly difficult. 

Security staff members need to be able to mobilize quickly and respond to any incident or disturbance within seconds. This is made possible with two-way radios due to their real-time communication capabilities.  

Depending on the location and the kind of workplace of the security staff, the type of two-way radio they will require will vary. You may need a radio that can reach long distances on your construction site or a radio that can have multiple channels. There are many different types of different two-way radios, and the team at Metro Mobile Radio can help provide your security staff with the best two-way radios. 

2. Forestry 

One of Canada’s biggest industries is forestry, generating around $1.9 billion in revenue for provincial and territorial governments in 2018 and contributing $23.7 billion to Canada’s nominal gross domestic product (GDP) in 2019.

Workers in the forestry industry rely on two-way radios when they are out in the bush, but the industry also utilizes radios in their plants and operations sector. This industry requires radios with long-range capability as they can operate in remote regions where wireless systems are not available. 

Radios are also used in this industry during emergency situations. Two-way radios can effectively supply emergency communication solutions even in the most isolated of areas, or areas of high noise levels. They are also built to withstand the rough conditions within the forestry industry.

3. Construction 

Cities in Canada continue to grow rapidly which means construction sites continue to pop up everywhere. Construction sites are inherently dangerous and they are full of hazards and risks. However, they can be mitigated and prevented with the use of two-way radios. Having your entire construction team equipped with two-way radios can drastically decrease worksite accidents and instead, increase productivity and safety measures. 

Radios give sub-contractors immediate access to team members so they are able to solve problems faster which can help speed up the timeline of the construction project. These devices enable clear and instant communication between employees and help create a safer working environment. 

Metro Mobile Radio only sells the best two-way radios and radios that can handle the job. The radios are made from highly durable materials that are weather-proof and drop-proof, and they are designed to perform in the construction industry. 

You also have the option of radio rentals, so you can rent out radios for the period of the construction project. 

4. Hospitality  

Tourism is a huge industry in Canada and continues to grow every year. Two-way radios help improve staff efficiency and productivity within hotels, resorts, theme parks, restaurants, golf courses, etc. 

When it comes to hospitality, two-way radios are used all the time in the industry. They are used to organize staff via different communication channels to help with workflow and are used for emergency communications. 

Radios offer instant communication between workers and allow managers to monitor all channels by scanning through them. Instant communication keeps your staff easily connected so you can handle any situation in a timely, professional matter. 

5. Transportation   

Another important industry in Canada is transportation, from buses to trains for public transportation and transportation organized by public and private schools, it’s an industry that relies on two-way radio communication. 

They are a key asset to the industry because they improve the efficiency of operations and safety, and their long-distance capabilities make it so that you can always contact the driver no matter where they are. 

Efficiency and safety are two of the most important assets for the transportation industry. Two-way radios are equipped to help drivers and controllers stay connected when on the road. 

You can also invest in driver tracking software that has tools to track drivers and provide driving coaching to improve driving behaviour. This way you can ensure that your drivers are staying safe. 

Metro Mobile Radio offers radios that are enabled to be used hands-free and with one-touch, to ensure that your drivers are not being distracted by their communications device. 


As you can see, two-way radios are used across multiple industries. If you are looking for radio rentals, radio repairs, or want to purchase radios for your business, you can contact a team member at Metro Mobile Radio. If you want to find an industry-specific radio, you can talk to one of our experts and we can find the best two-way radio for you.