How PoC Mobile Radio Helps Businesses Maintain Social Distance?

PoC Radio or Push-to-talk Over Cellular radio is designed to be used over existing mobile communication networks, instead of a single radio channel. Unlike other types of radios, these radios are not restricted by distance and have an unlimited range.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many challenges for businesses all over the world. Measures have been put in place to protect employees and customers but one of the most difficult challenges businesses are facing is being able to communicate safely. As a leading communications provider, Metro Mobile has already helped many businesses get back on track during the pandemic and bring their productivity back to normal with the use of PoC mobile radio.

While some businesses have been able to transition to remote workplace setups, that is not the case for every industry. One of the instructions from the government for businesses was to implement strict social distancing rules in the workplace. Social distancing requires people to be kept far apart from one another, often resulting in the inability to communicate effectively. Harnessing this digital wireless technology for your business can be a game-changer as you witness communication, efficiency and safety greatly improve. 

What is PoC Mobile Radio?

Push-to-talk Over Cellular radios are designed to be used over existing mobile communication networks, instead of a single radio channel. Unlike other types of radios, PoC mobile radios are not restricted by distance and have an unlimited range.

These radios are perfect for any business that needs to maintain clear communications such as retail stores, schools, security, transportation, and construction. 

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Which businesses are benefitting from mobile radios?

Here is how some Canadian businesses are benefiting from PoC mobile radios to help them maintain social distances during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

1. Restaurants 

Restaurants, retail stores, and other localized on-site businesses are using lightweight radios that are easily concealable and can be used indoors. 

Restaurants and bars were some of the hardest hit businesses during the pandemic, forced to close their doors to customers and either shut down or opt for take-out dining. In some areas, however, they are allowed to be open with strict social distancing guidelines. 
Digital two-way radios are fast and easy-to-use communication devices that restaurants are using to speed up their productivity without compromising customer satisfaction. Radios can be simple devices and are much easier to use than cellphones. With a cellphone it takes many steps to send a message, you first need to unlock your phone, open your messaging app, type your message or make a phone call. This takes up unnecessary time away from your job when a PoC mobile radio could transmit your message within seconds. 

2. Retail 

In the retail industry, connectivity between store owners, facilities managers and customers is important. Coming together is crucial in order to create a safe environment. The coordination between these groups would not be possible without the use of PoC mobile radios. 

3. Supermarkets

Supermarkets and grocery stores are typically always a crowded place day-to-day and with the pandemic not going away anytime soon, changes need to be made to make it a safer environment for everyone. 

Many stores had to limit their capacity and ask customers to form lines outside of the entrance and wait for their turn. Organizing customers in and out of the store can be troublesome and requires help from staff in many areas. Mobile radios allow employees to communicate with each other, which means they do not have to travel throughout the store to seek other employees, resulting in less contact with customers as well. 

Safety tips for your PoC radio

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when incorporating the use of two-way radios into your business.

  • Clean your radios on a regular basis and any other radio accessories. 
  • Avoid sharing radios if possible, and if not, clean radios between switching users. 
  • Consider providing employees with their own accessories to attach to the radios, these accessories include earpieces and microphones. 
  • Utilize available hands-free technology for your devices.
  • Keep in mind that if you are using radios in a healthcare setting, the radios will need to have strong encryption to safeguard patient privacy and that they don’t interfere with medical equipment. 


Adapting communications in the age of social distancing can be extremely helpful for all businesses. In general, these portable devices have been proven to increase efficiency and productivity in many industries, so if you’re ready to improve communication within your business, we can help. 

With over 38 years of experience in the radio business and has worked with many industries across Canada, Metro Mobile Radio can help you find the best two-way radio for the job. We sell multiple brands including Hytera poc radios, Tait radios, Icom radios and President radios. Reach out today to find your radio.