3 Ways Portable Radios Can Increase Productivity for the Retail Industry

A typical two-way portable radio system allows people to speak over a radio channel, but only one user can transmit at a time so users must take turns talking.

What is a Portable Radio?

A portable radio is a device that is used to send and receive radio signals and this device is portable, meaning that it can be easily carried. A commonly used radio is the digital two-way radio, which is available as a stationary device, mobile (installed in vehicles) and as a hand-held portable radio.

A typical two-way radio system allows people to speak over a radio channel, but only one user can transmit at a time so users must take turns talking. When the radio is in receive mode the user can hear the transmissions on the channel, and when the user wishes to communicate, they press the “push-to-talk” button on the device.

This turns off the receiver and instead turns on the transmitter, and when they release the button, it goes back to receiver mode. There are two-way radios, however, that operate in full-duplex mode where both users can talk at the same time, similar to speaking via cellphone.

Portable two-way radios utilize digital wireless technology to be portable, allowing the user to move around with their device. They are often called walkie-talkies and are used in many industries. You can read about the five industries in Canada that rely on two-way radios on our blog.

The retail industry is one that works with portable radios. It increases productivity in all areas as well as enhances safety and security measurements.

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How does Portable Radios Help You Increase Productivity in Retail Industry?

Security person communicating with the team using portable radio

Here are the top three ways portable radios can increase productivity in the retail industry.

1. Instant reliable communication

Portable two-way radios are a great tool for improving productivity within the retail industry. Stores can get busy quickly and radios will always come in handy, especially when you are facing a staff shortage during the holiday season. In a large store with multiple floors, employees are able to communicate with each other instantly with the help of portable radios.

Employees no longer have to manually locate a staff member, take time away from customers to do price checks, or go in the back to tend to an inventory issue. With instant communication, employees increase their efficiency and productivity in all areas.  

Depending on the size and structure of your retail store, you can choose from a variety of portable radios. They come in various sizes and there are small radios that are can be worn on the body without being bulky and noticeable to customers.

You also have the option of portable radios with a single channel or multiple channels. Single-channel radios are a great option for small stores operating on one floor, while multi-channel radios are perfect for large retailers that have multiple floors and teams.

Portable radios are very cost-effective compared to other communication devices, and you can purchase additional radio accessories that enhance the user experience. Those include earpieces, speaker microphones, headsets and holsters.

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2. Enhanced safety and security

The safety of staff and security of goods is very important in retail. Implementing two-way radios will allow your staff members to contact security immediately if needed. The security staff can also monitor the radio channels and stay alert for any disturbances.

Portable radios allow security personnel and staff members to mobilize quickly and respond to any incident in the store. It connects the security team to one another and enables instant and clear communication at all times.

There are also radio accessories designed to heighten the level of security within the retail industry. This includes GPS monitoring software, panic buttons, and body-worn cameras. If your business experiences a high level of theft or you would like to take preventative measures, the team at Metro Mobile Radio suggests utilizing these added tools.

3. Better shopping experience

Having portable radios will make the shopping experience for customers that much better. With improved productivity, you eliminate the hassle of walking back and forth from the stock room or physically locating another staff member.

This makes the experience of each customer much smoother and stress-free. Your staff members will be able to tend to their customer’s needs right away and provide the best customer service possible.

During busy hours, employees must coordinate with each other and two-way radios help them communicate clearly and discretely even when noise levels are high. Customers will appreciate an organized staff and this will lead to increase sales, improved loss prevention and other benefits.  


If you are unsure what kind of two-way portable radio your retail team needs, you can reach out to Metro Mobile Radio and they will find you the best portable radio for your business. We sell multiple brands including Hytera radios, Icom radios and President radios.

A well-organized team of retail staff will help decrease theft and will increase sales and improve work culture and morale. Work with Metro Mobile Radio today to set up your store with the right radio network.